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The World of Video Marketing Is Just Getting Started

Sure, when the Internet first began, you could get away with not being on video when running your business. Times have changed -- if there is anything we can agree on it's that people love to watch videos. Education classes, funny reels, inspirational trailers, the list goes on and on. 

Good Video Skills Pays Off

Whether you're here because you need to hire a pro for your project or you want to learn from a video creator, video skills pay off.  When you work with a creator that deeply understands your industry, the impact is bigger.  When you learn from an editor, your learning curve is much shorter. 

I understand how the energy behind the camera or the keyboard is just as important as the energy you're giving in front of the camera.  When you're working with me, I'm bringing that creative energy to your brand.

We can be a team, you and me.

I want to help you make video magic.

Here's how we can get started...

Edit Videos On Your iPhone

My step by step process on how to shoot and edit videos using your iPhone while on a budget.

Video Launch Magic Group

4 Weeks to learn my video launch process. We're talking sales videos, testimonial videos, reels, scripts, tech and the creative process. 

1:1 Support

Want me on your team? My services range from consulting to coaching to creating. How can I help you get your genius out into the world? Let's see what we can create together.

Meet Beth Ryan Powers

Let's have the content we create be art. 

That's how I view our video marketing efforts. We're making art out of our businesses, to reach and move the people who we are most primed to help. 

I've been creating video content with the best of the best in the online marketing industry for 7 years. As an entrepreneur selling my own programs as well, I have the unique viewpoint as a business owner, coupled with the video marketing skills I've honed for 10 years. 


Here's What My Clients Are Saying...


I'd be so happy to be able to work with you and grow your business.


Here's all the ways we can work together...

Smart Phone Video Course

Let me walk you, step-by-step, through how to shoot and edit your videos for your business using your iPhone (Android lessons are included too!).  This quick course packs everything you need to start creating impressive videos on a budget.


Video Launch Magic

Group Coaching

Launches can be intense, and videos are usually a particularly stressful part of a launch. Let's change that, shall we? Give me 4 weeks to walk you through my video launch process so you can finally put your best foot forward on camera and attract your best clients through strategic video content.


1:1 Support

I'm a video creator who specializes in online course content world.  I have helped clients in all parts of the online course process: Planning the launch, writing scripts, creating sets, editing content, and creating sales video assets. If you need a coach, consultant, or creator, you're in the right place. 


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