Smart Phone Video Course


Film + Edit Videos For Your Social Media QUICKLY

  • Learn everything that you need to know to film videos on your iPhone (or Android) and look like a pro.
  • Step-by-step tutorials explaining exactly how to edit videos on iMovie (a free app on your iPhone!) and PowerDirector (a free app on your Android!).
  • Become a confident video making maven! 

Take your videos from this... this.

No fancy equipment or technical experience required.

Let Me Give You a Sneak Peek Into The Course...


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Lesson 1: Filming Videos with Your Smart Phone


  • How To Set Up Your Phone
  • Lighting Tips
  • Audio Tips
  • Where You Should Film
  • What You Should Wear
  • Filming Tips To Make Editing Easier
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • And More :) 

Lesson 2: Editing Videos On Your Smart Phone


  • Step-By-Step Tutorial
  • How To Import Into Editing Software
  • How To Edit Out Mess Ups
  • Add Transitions
  • Add Text
  • Add Filters
  • Add Music 
  • And More :) 

Lesson 3: Camera Confidence 

  • Why It's Important That You Put Yourself Out There 
  • How To Use All Your "Flaws" To Your Advantage
  • You Will Not Fail -- It's All a Learning Experience
  • Why We Need MORE People Like You On Camera


Creating Quality Videos is as Easy as 1...2...3!

Michelle Filmed And Edited Her Course QUICKLY

Listen to how Michelle went from not knowing anything about video--- to being able to shoot and edit her own online course and made her investment back -- in just a few days!


Kim Went From Dreading Being On Camera To Being CONFIDENT

Kim knew that videos would help grow her social media presence, but dreaded going on camera. Hear how the course helped her start making videos easily!


Why You Can No Longer Avoid Getting on Camera!

  • Facebook is reporting more than 8 Billion video views a day!
  • By next year, it's estimated that 80% of all internet traffic will be video-based!
  • On average, videos on Facebook have a 135% greater organic reach compared to photo posts! 

"I LOVE your course! It’s so easy to follow for a newbie and I’m still working on my confidence, but your warmth and being relatable makes it so much easier to give myself grace."

Christie Love
The Happy Girlboss

"I used to edit videos and would literally want to throw my phone across the room. With your system, I've actually edited together tons of videos WITHOUT wanting to rip out my hair. THANK YOU BETH!"

Kim Isherwood
Intuitive Medium

"I have already made 3 different videos since watching your course. Thank you so much! It has really helped me so much. "

April Francom

"It was JUST what I needed! Thank you so much for providing such relevant information. iMovie used to make me cry, and scream, and then cry again. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me 'Wow' my colleagues with my video skills."

Kristin Lowrey
Remedy Intelligent Staffing

I'm Beth Ryan Powers and I want to help you attract your ideal clients through video. 

I'm the videographer those online gurus hire to create content to help them sell multiple six figure launches.

Not only do I have an education and background in videography, I'm a business owner -- I understand entrepreneurship.  I've grown my business to the six figure level from scratch -- I understand marketing. 

As a busy business owner, you need the fast track. You need to start creating quality video content -- quickly. 

You'll need your phone, a tripod (I've got one I recommend) and the Smart Phone Video Course. 

Let's get started. 


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