Omaha Women's Network

An online and in person networking community dedicated to helping advance female entrepreneurs or business professionals through meet ups, masterclasses, collaborations and more.

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Be in a community of other focused female entrepreneurs, and join our online directory to find and be found by other go-getters right here in our city. 

Continuing Education

Get access to the experts on relevant and modern business topics every month! Each month a new masterclass will be taught to you by a female entrepreneur with the intention of helping you grow your business. 


Who you surround yourself with matters when you are creating and growing your business. Surround yourself online and in person with inspiring business owners, like yourself.

We believe that we can get further together.

There is so much that goes into starting and running a business.  And just because you decide to be an entrepreneur doesn't mean that your other roles can take a back seat...mother, wife, daughter, caregiver, the list goes on.

We want to be a network that is putting you first, your needs in mind. 

We provide opportunities to network in person at small and large events, virtual meet ups, business educational content, an online directory and more.

No mandatory meetings, no forced recommendations, no strict schedules.

Learn and network at your own time and pace. Get to know others in the community and help them grow their business...and watch them help you to grow yours.

We're about building genuine relationships.

We think collaborating is smarter than competing. 

We're reimagining the business landscape so it honors our needs as women. 

Virtual Meet Ups

We have weekly virtual meet ups via Zoom! You can come to all, you can come to whichever one works with your schedule. 

Office Hours: This is a chance to check in with the other members, and ask questions to the group that you need feedback on, referral you need, etc.

Q+As: We bring in local experts and YOU get to pick their brain! Past experts included a money coach, social media expert, lawyer, and more. Get your question answered WITHOUT paying the experts fee.

Networking: Pre COVID and post COVID world we will still offer networking opportunities virtually because we know your busy, but still need connection! Get to know you're community from the comfort of your home office.

 Monthly Masterclasses 

The minute you decide to be an is in session! There is SO MUCH to learn. Every month we offer a masterclass on a business related topic, taught by a female entrepreneur. We want you to learn from smart women AND we want to highlight other women in business.

Some examples listed below including classes from Pixel Fire Marketing, Skwintz Design, Kath Derisson, Leia Baez (and many more in the membership!)



Monthly Meet Ups 

We have events every month -- some are small coffee get togethers, others are lunch and learns!

**Due to COVID-19 our larger events have been put on hold.**


Private Facebook Group + Online Directory 

A Facebook group that we will use to learn about each other's promotions and events, as well as a space to ask questions and get recommendations. 

You will also be added to our directory, for you to find and be found by other women in business. (We strongly encourage our members to hire each other!)

"I really appreciate how OWN curates this group of like-minded, supportive women that are not only working hard to build successful businesses but are also building relationships to help others create the business of their dreams. You're never alone in this networking community!"

DeAnna Williams
Owner, Wilma&Rose

"Omaha Women’s Network is a fun, diverse group of women who are supportive, encouraging, and helpful. Beth provides relatable and relevant content to her members. I’m so glad I’m part of such a wonderful group!"

Melanie Wolff
Your Confident Style

"I like this group because it’s a great group of well connected women that want to better their careers."

Jennifer Wilbeck
FELTZ Wealth Plan

"The Omaha Women's Network has been truly phenomenal for me! As an Omaha-n who is temporarily displaced I've loved staying connected to the community I love. I think the virtual co-working times are my favorite. We all know how lonely it can be working from home and not having real time feedback on ideas- and this is a great solution to it! Beth has crafted a well thought out, supportive, community and I'm so blessed to be part of it!"

Caitlynn Eldridge
Eldridge CPA, LLC

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Join the Omaha Women's Network TODAY!

A networking community designed with women in mind.

The Omaha Women's Network is dedicated to acknowledging and uplifting the female entrepreneurs in our city. It's a community created exclusively by and for the Omaha woman.

Who is Beth Ryan Powers?

If we haven't met, hi! I am so glad you are here. 

Over the last 5 years I've built up my videography business working with clients (mostly women business owners) here in Nebraska and as well as clients across the world.

In addition to working with clients 1:1, I've also led masterminds, group coaching programs, retreats, membership sites, and an online course with over 1,200 students. 

The last 3 years, I've gotten the great honor of hosting networking events in our Omaha community under the name of Ladies Who Launch Omaha. 

I noticed there were some gaps in the way I was running Ladies Who Launch -- I wanted to be able to do more than just a monthly lunch and learn.

I wanted to go deeper, I wanted to provide more options for connection that weren't dependent on just meet ups, I wanted a way to create space for women in our community to feel supported in this crazy world of entrepreneurship. 

I also know the importance of VISIBILITY and wanted to create a network that the members inside will get support from each other, while our public page will help share about our members on social media.

And that's how the Omaha Women's Network was born.

A more modern approach to networking for women in Omaha, giving you online and offline opportunities to get to know business-minded women.

This is a unique offering to the Omaha market providing you with opportunities to network online and in-person, plus learn about business topics from other entrepreneurial women who can walk the walk. Unenroll at anytime.


1. Is there an application to apply?

No, once you sign up to be a member, you are in! Upon enrollment, you will receive an email inviting you to our private FB Group and instructions on how to login to our member portal.

2. What do I get when I enroll?

Every month you get a monthly masterclass, in person coffee meet up, virtual coworking, access to our Facebook group and online directory. We will hold bigger quarterly events, which you will be able to attend for free or for a discounted member price. **We are still navigating how to do in-person events due to COVID 19**

3. Who is in the Omaha Women's Network?

We are a new and GROWING community! We have social media marketers, financial advisors, personal trainers, physical therapists, nonprofit owners, boutique store owners, photographers...there is a DIVERSE number of women and industries. 

4. What if I enroll and decide it's not for me?

No problem, unenroll at any time. 

5. What if I can't go to the events?

If you can't come to an event, you can use your membership purely for the online components! Access to the directory (and being found in the directory), Facebook group, Virtual meet ups, etc. 

6. Is this a nonprofit?

This is not a nonprofit organization, however a percentage of the profits made from the membership fees will be donated to a local Omaha nonprofit that is working to uplift women and girls. 

7. How long has the Omaha Women's Network been around? 

The Omaha Women's Network is a spin off of Ladies Who Launch Omaha, which is a networking group that's been in Omaha for the last 8 years. Beth wanted to do more with the group which required it to be renamed. 

8. Are men allowed in the group?

The Omaha Women's Network is created for female entrepreneurs in Omaha. Every piece of content, masterclass, event, etc has been curated to help women in business. The reason we feel this is needed is because women experience life and entrepreneurship differently than their male peers. We want to make sure they are getting the kind of support they need, and that they feel safe to share what they are going through.  We happily welcome any female entrepreneurs, AND any person who identifies more with feminine energy. 

9. What if I want to be involved...but I don't want to be a member?

Our members get all the benefits and online member portal...but if you don't want to be a member, we would LOVE to see you at one of our public events that you'll see on our Facebook page. Members get into our public events free or at a discount, nonmembers will pay full price for the events. 

10. What are your events like?

Our coffee meet ups are small and informal, a chance for you to have a conversation with the group and with each other. 

Our quarterly events will be larger (50+) usually with a guest speaker, lunch and learn, panel or presentation. Food and drinks will be provided. We typically have events on week days during the lunch hour, however we are open to adding evening/weekend events if their is a demand for them! 

The location of the events varies, we try to go to different places in Omaha [Elkhorn, Papillion, Downtown, Midtown, Benson, etc...] because we've got members all over the place!

11. I don't live in Omaha, but I used to/I will soon/I want to be connected with this community, can I join?

Yes. We have members who have had to move away from Omaha and LOVE all the virtual opportunities to connect.




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