The Omaha Women's Network

Everyone wins when a woman is supported. The ripple effects from a profitable woman business shows in families, communities, charities and our economy.

Running a business, starting a business can be quite a lonely endeavor.  You have a million different aspects to juggle, so many things you COULD do.

And the way that women experience business is just different.  We have different demands, different priorities, we see things differently.  


I've been running Ladies Who Launch for the last 3 years and I realized how the women in our group wanted to go deeper on topics in regards to entrepreneurship.  They wanted to know more about online marketing, women's health, scaling their business, hiring, leadership, etc. 

They also wanted to be able to learn this information at their own time. They can't always make it to our monthly lunch and learns! 

That’s how Ladies Who Launch Online was born.  After realizing that women in our group craved and wanted MORE online resources and tools, to go deeper than just our monthly lunch and learn, I figured...I can provide that. I’m not the expert, but I can bring the experts to you!

The Omaha Women's Network is a monthly membership community made especially for female entrepreneurs and business owners talking about issues and topics most relevant to them.

This member site will provide timely and up to date information in regards to owning a business, providing tools and resources to help women grow their businesses while feeling connected to community.

The monthly information will be presented in a clean and simple fashion so not to overwhelm the reader.  And the prices will always be reasonable and within the reach of even the just starting solopreneur.

Each month you’ll get:

  • Monthly Masterclass with a Guest Expert
    • Topics include: Facebook Ads, SEO + PPC Advertising, Women's health, Graphic Design, Basics of Accounting and more
  • Online Directory
    • Meet other Omaha female entrepreneurs and get seen by others in our network! 
  • A Live Q + A Call
  • Access to a private FB community to share your ups and downs of business 
  • Discounts on all our in person events 

 For $14.99 you get access to an exclusive membership site dedicated to helping you grow your business. Of course, if this isn’t for you, you can unenroll at anytime.

No more looking around and feeling lost.  You’ve found your people.

Let’s do this!


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