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One on one sessions to lay out everything you need to create your online course, membership, or coaching program. 


For ongoing support made up of strategy, industry connections, mind/body practices, and feedback this 1:1 container is for the entrepreneur wanting that personal touch through the online course creation process.


Ready to add me to the team? I will help you create your online course and launch videos.


90 Minute Consult - $295

The 90 minute consultation is for you if you need to pick my brain. Topics you might need help with include:

  • How to start your videography/photography business
  • How to create an online course
  • How to create an online membership site
  • How to plan, sell, and host a retreat

Before the consultation we get clear on what the call is about and what answers you are seeking, this helps me prepare and do some preliminary research. We use the 90 minutes to dive deep into your brand, focus your business goals, and then together we create a plan to execute those goals based on your level of business.


Online Course Consultant Package - $1,000 (8 weeks or VIP Day)

With this consultant package, you get me walking you through the process of creating and launching your online product. With this package you get:

  1. Introductory Meeting (1 hour): We narrow down on your course concept.  We discuss all the tech that is associated with courses and what works for your business level. We discuss the price of your offer. We establish a plan for you to write the course. We pick a film date. We pick a launch date. You have 4 weeks to follow through on what we decide from this meeting.
  2. Email Support: During the four weeks, you have email support from me.  All your follow up questions and bumps in the road are taken care of during this time. 
  3. Film Prep Meeting (1 hour):  I read your scripts and offer suggestions if needed. We pick what you’re going to wear and I answer any questions you have about filming the course. 
  4. Launch Meeting (1 hour): While your course is being edited, we layout a plan for you to launch this into the world.  First, a beta launch to test out the product and customer response. Next, how to pivot and do a bigger launch. 


1:1 Coaching - $2,997 for 6 months payment plans are available.

You like my style and want my eyes focused on your business? Let’s do this! 1:1 Coaching gives you a chance to feel heard for what you want from your business, perspective from a business owner who’s run her company for 7 years, feedback, plans and direction. With this offer you get:

  • 90 Minute Introductory Call (Month 1): This is where you lay it out, where you want to be in 6 months, how you want your business to feel, what offers you need to create, etc etc. 
  • 5 Monthly 60 minute calls: Every month, I check in with you and hold your feet to the fire to make sure those things you want to get done, are getting done. At the same time, I understand the energetics of business and the demands of life -- we’ll see how you’re doing and make shifts from there. 
  • Monthly Creativity Yoga class: I believe as entrepreneurs we are creators, and that business is much more full of ease when we allow our intuition have a seat at the table. But it’s hard to be creative on demand— we need to loosen up and get back in our bodies.  This monthly yoga class with all my coaching clients is designed to gently move your body while allowing your mind to connect to the answers you are seeking. Classes are held via Zoom, gentle flow to start with restorative visualization and meditation to conclude. I am a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. 
  • Connections:  Need a photographer? A videographer? Designer? Web designer? A referral? When you’re my coaching client, I’ve got you.  After 7 years in business, I’ve made vital connections with other good hearted people that are just waiting to help you! 
  • Topics depend on your unique business goals, but an overview of how I help my clients include: Help with branding and referrals for logo designers, feedback on copy writing on website and social media, social media marketing strategy, easy content creation, batch content creation, creating and launching online programs, selling retreats, videography and photography feedback, spiritual business practices to unlock creativity, and mindset. 
  • Journal prompts, rituals, full moon/new moon rituals, self care practices, boundary setting will also be discussed. 
  • Weekly email support between monthly calls.


Online Course Video Editing - $1,000

Want your course professionally edited and looking beautiful right away? That’s where I come in.  After 7 years of experience in the online course creation industry, I’ve edited so many courses I’ve lost count. How it works:

  • You send me the footage of your course, with each lesson labeled, via Dropbox or WeTransfer.
  • You send me an outline of your course. 
  • I edit the course for you, removing the mess ups, adding text callouts, animated logo intro/outro.
  • I send it back to you to review.
  • One round of revisions.


Online Course Creation Package - $3,000 

Everything from the “Online Course Consultant Package” plus:

  • Filming Day with me and the team. We will professionally film your entire course, plus a sales video.
  • Full editing of the course (See “Online Course Video Editing”)



Launch Videos Creatrix  - $3,000 for 8 weeks

What sells your online programs? Online content.  You are likely working with a graphic designer to create beautiful imagery, and an A-list copywriter to get copy that converts -- just wait until you add me to the team.  The videos you use for your launch need to grab your demographic’s attention, speak to their needs and desires, and inspire them to purchase. The videos you use for your launch are your #1 sales person. The videos will communicate the best of what you have to offer.  


If you want to put your best video foot forward for your next launch, you want to work with me. I’ve gotten the amazing opportunity to work with some of the most engaging females in the online marketing industry including (but not limited to!) Sarah Jenks, Tiffany Lee Bymaster, Kate Northrup, and even the queen -- Amy Porterfield. 


Everyone’s launch is different, and the online marketing game changes monthly. An example of what I could produce with this offer include:

  • Trailer for your course: The trailer is a short snippet showing off the amazing transformation that your course/membership/retreat/coaching delivers.  Think like a trailer for a movie, except the movie is your product. 
  • Commercial for your course:  While the trailer is short, communicates the vibe, and is more catchy, the commercial explains the details.  The commercial tells the viewer more about the product, and affirming who should buy it. The commercial is usually longer. 
  • Reels: At the time of this writing, IG Reels are huge and get the most attention. I’ll create up to 5 short reels to be used from opening day to cart close. 
  • GIFs (from the content you provide)
  • Loop videos for sales page
  • All videos can be formatted to fit IG stories, IGTV, Facebook/Youtube, IG Feed, etc.
  • This offer includes a creative meeting to lay the groundwork for what you expect from these videos, your goal for the launch, your vibe+ branding, help with ideas on what to create, writing the scripts, and me telling you what I need from you to create the videos you envision. 
  • Email support 
  • Revisions:  Just ask my clients, they’ll tell you -- my first drafts are typically what most editors get right the 4th time (my clients words, not mine!). We’ll establish final due dates for the videos to be ready to launch, I’ll provide rough drafts and listen to your feedback to make sure the videos match what you envision. 
  • This process is approximately an 8 week process, but could be condensed into one month if it works with both of our schedules (remember -- you’re filming or providing a lot of the content for me to edit from, so we need to give you time to get your sh*t together).